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Massage Therapy at

Massage Therapy is not only for pampering, it also has many health benefits.

Massage can help in stress relief, pain management, and muscle tension.

It can also help with reducing fatigue, anxiety and improve your sleep quality.

In daily activities, it helps improve circulation as well as increasing energy and concentration.

Right next door to Osceola Women's and Family Medicine Specialists, is Studio Zero G,   a wellness and fitness studio. At their facility, they focus on healing the body and mind in an enviroment that is welcoming and calming. At Studio Zero G, they offer a number of options to help you heal and strengthen your body. With a wide array of massage therapy options and  MPS accupuncture, they can help you on your path to feeling like YOU again.


Studio Zero G is also the World's Largets AntiGravity Yoga Studio and offer a wide range of aerial fitness classes that help streghten, and stretch your muscles. Their classes are taught from beginner level all the way up to advanced classes pushing your body to new levels. If you're looking for a low impact, but high energy aerobic type of program, BOUNCE may be just what you need.

For More Information:

Call: (407) 892-0923

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